Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Nogah Rotstein

"I believe in trusting your gut."
“Try to connect to the child inside that still wants to play and color outside the lines.”

“My grandmother and parents always encouraged handmade heartfelt gifts.”

“If I can make someone happy by adding a little something special to their day that inspires me to continue doing so.”

“My grandmother and parents always encouraged handmade heartfelt gifts.”

Nogah Rotstein started making jewelry as a hobby. She had inherited some costume jewelry from her grandmother and began turning those old shiny necklaces into pretty new earrings for her friends. Growing up with three sisters in a creative household, Nogah was always encouraged to use her imagination and taught that handmade gifts were always from the heart.

Her grandmother, Tilly, was a very resourceful woman and showed Nogah how to see beauty in everything. It wasn’t only Tilly’s name that Nogah borrowed when imagining Tilly Doro, it was also her philosophy. Collecting bits and bobs from flea markets and vintage stores, Nogah uses her found objects as inspiration for her handmade jewelry line.

What's the last book you read that you really enjoyed?
The History of Love by Nicole Krauss is so so beautiful.

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

A walk through the park, lounging with a good book, and a home-cooked meal with friends.

What one thing do yo every day without fail?
I practise 30 minutes of yoga every morning - it grounds me.


“I love it when days are sunny, strangers smile, and coincidences occur.”