Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Ellen Evans


Terrafirma Ceramics is a working pottery studio located in the heart of New York City. Since 1980, owner and artistic director Ellen Evans has focused on designing and producing high quality, functional works of art for the table and home. All of her products are made by hand and kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures, ensuring both uniqueness and durability. Ellen uses lace and liquid porcelain to produce the distinctive, one-of-a-kind patterns on her dishes, all of which make a casual yet sophisticated statement on the table. As she explains, "In our homes today, we want beautiful artistic goal is to design tableware that enriches the presentation of food...yet is practical and durable enough for constant use." Terrafirma has received accolades in publications like InStyle, Cooking Light, House Beautiful (Green Edition), and Elle Decor.

The Terrafirma collection is completely free of toxins and heavy metals, including lead, which has been known to leach into foods from certain pottery. Supporting responsible, American-made ceramics like Terrafirma not only reduces toxins in our environment but ALSO minimizes our carbon footprint.