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A BRIKA maker story

Olga & Aidan

"We are designers by nature: if there is a way we can build something or make it ourselves, we research and craft the best method to do so."
“We’re lucky to have a process that unifies digital design and handcrafting.”

“We achieve “flow” when we’re working on creative projects, so it is essential to our happiness. ”

“Some of our most memorable moments are impromptu design brainstorm sessions where we fill page after page of sketchbooks with ideas floating around our heads. ”

“We achieve “flow” when we’re working on creative projects, so it is essential to our happiness. ”

Before Studio Corbelle was born, Olga and Aidan worked desk jobs at a software company. Hankering for a greater satisfaction that came with working with their hands, they began experimenting with concrete mixes on weekends until they nailed down the perfect formula. Combining their backgrounds in architecture and mixed media, both the design and crafting process is a collaborative labor of love that involves 3D printing their designs into molds.

Inspired by the pursuit to express themselves creatively and driven by the joy of the process and that they bring to their customers, Olga and Aidan consider themselves concrete artists. Stemming from the idea that the building material should exist outside the industrial world, Studio Corbelle’s design combines aesthetic influences of Bauhaus arts and Brutalist architecture.

We believe…

That product and service quality shouldn’t be compromised in order to maximize profits. We believe that the pendulum is swinging back towards well­made goods, and we are proud to be a part of the moment.


We love it when…

We have the luxury to let our minds curiously explore new design ideas without distractions.


Words we live by:

Form follows function.


What three things make you happiest in the world?

The company of dogs, exploring wine and eating large feasts with family. 

“We really build off each other and collaborate to create a perfect design. ”