Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Adina Grigore


"Skincare might not change the world, but shouldn't it at least try?" This is the philosophy that guides Adina Grigore, the spunky, ambitious founder of S.W. Basics. Adina began making skincare products for herself because of her sensitive skin, and is a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health or the health of the planet to get great skin. Adina has found that by sticking with only absolutely essential ingredients, she can achieve powerfully cleansing, nourishing products that are safe for all.

All S.W. Basics products are made with 5 ingredients or less. This "no-frills skincare" cuts out all synthetic chemicals along with exotic botanicals and luxury fillers. Adina and her team ensure their ingredients are whole, high-potency, and sourced from organic, Fair Trade, and small-scale farms. "We want our products to be as healthy for our communities and our planet as they are for our customers," explains Adina.