Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Emily Butters


The story of Royal Rose begins in a tiny Brooklyn kitchen during the hot summer of 2010. On break from her job as an elementary school teacher, Emily Butters decided to can fresh peaches she had picked up at the local Park Slope Food Co-Op. Her bartender friend, Forrest Butler, asked if he could use the leftover syrup to make cocktails. Forrest, formerly a bar manager and bartender in Detroit, had been experimenting with different syrups for cocktails all summer. Emily excitedly joined in on the recipe making, adding black pepper, basil, and vanilla bean to the peaches. Forrest brought the delicious concoction to his Bushwick bar that night, where it was a huge hit! Royal Rose was born.

Upon discovering there was a market for delicious simple syrups, Forrest and Emily began experimenting like crazy with unique flavor combinations. “By the next week, we had 30 or 40 experimental batches in our fridge,” explains Forrest. “We just went wild!” Today, the duo crafts new syrups by considering which fruits and herbs will compliment specific spirits. According to Forrest, they created their Three Chiles syrup to work best with “the sweetness and grassiness in tequila, the smokiness of a mezcal, and the earthiness of an oak-aged rum.”

All of their organic, fair-trade ingredients are given a tea-like treatment: steeped and strained, then sweetened with cane sugar. Forrest and Emily pride themselves on never using chemical preservatives, added colors or artificial flavors in their syrups. A little creativity, passion for delicious cocktails, and love for the best-quality ingredients proved the winning recipe for their wonderfully flavorful syrups!