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A BRIKA maker story


Based in Savannah, Georgia, all of Prospector's hand-blended, small batch products feature natural ingredients and are designed for those who care just as much about what goes on their skin as what they drive, eat, wear or watch. The line captures something for every man with formulas for pre and post shaving and unshaven scruff to a beard gone wild. Most of their limited offerings are inspired by people with a story to tell, including writer John Burroughs and the famous bearded lady, Miss Annie Jones. Historically, Prospector has been a rebel to the masses, reaching beyond their limits to achieve their goal. Through great hardship, sacrifice and adversity few were able to lay their stake and claim it successfully. The ones that did laid the groundwork for what is today's American dream. "With this line of products we're encouraging the exploration of new things while also discovering new things about ourselves, and about our history in the same process. It's important for us to build a wholesome, natural product that gives back to whomever uses it and not some semblance of that ideal. So be inspired by nature, fill yourself with purpose and whatever that prospect might be, go forth."

Named after prolific figures in history, each one of Prospector Co's products are free of additives, artificial fragrances, colorings and unnatural preservatives. The all-natural ingredients are blended and packaged by hand in small batches. Quality ingredients and discerning scents mixed with archival influence makes for a ware with a purpose. "We see our products as food for the face and body, so they should be as discriminating as the food we eat." The company places an even greater importance on those products being used during and after shaving where skin is at its most vulnerable. There is nothing supernatural about their products, except for the way they make you feel. "A product's make-up is very important to us and its value comes from the ingredients. Every ml of product has been carefully curated with its properties, potency and functionality under highest regard. We only use the best pure essential oils, organics when possible, and nothing is ever added unnecessarily, natural or otherwise. Each formula produced is created with care and customer consideration. Low-volume orders, individually made by hand are each given the human touch, literally. It should go without saying that the goods we create should be something we're proud of, and we are. We use them everyday."