Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Walter Kent


Peg and Awl started in the home of Margaux and Walter Kent. We both loved making things, working with our hands, and we had this house that needed lots of work. It was our home, our workshop, our studio and we set to work on making it truly ours. Because of our love for history, mystery and hunting for treasures we used the materials that we loved, wood from derelict buildings built in the 1800s, old leather gun slings, fabric from depression era dresses. As we dissected these objects and transformed them into our Peg and Awl treasures we fell in love with the stories they carried, the marks they bore that betrayed their past. Since those early days of Peg and Awl each one of our products stems from our lifestyle and our passion for uncovering the past. We make them for everyday life, to use, to work with and break in and it is our hope that these treasures in their new form will take on new stories in the hands of others. Enjoy!