Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Amber Indoe

"Handcrafting goods is important to me because it is embedded into my bones to want to create."

My daughter inspires the work that I do. I want her to grow up with the belief that she can do anything she wants and that nobody can tell her otherwise.

For Amber Indoe, making candles to pass the time while her toddler slept turned from a hobby to passion to profession with her founding of Northern Flicker Co. “I love to create anything and everything,” said Amber, of her propensity for making – but looking to her lineage, it isn’t hard to see why: her female family members, from her great grandmother to her sister, have been everything from a baker to and artist to a seamstress.

After exercising her olfactory sense through the creation and design of new scents, Amber’s line of candles are poured and cured overnight, then each jar is labeled by hand. Although she doesn’t have a formal background in design, she cites the simplicity of northern design as the inspiration for Northern Flicker Co.’s aesthetic: “My candles are as simple as they can get, not only so the wax is as natural as possible, but also so it blends into every décor scheme.” Despite her candles’ uncomplicated look, the scents are an entirely different story: one that must be smelled to be understood, enjoyed and ultimately, gifted to others.