Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Tyler, Gord & Tim


If you have ever found yourself at a restaurant wondering where the chef could have possibly found such exquisite flavors for your meal, Mikuni Wild Harvest is probably to thank. In 2002, Mikuni founders Tyler Gray, Gord Weighill and Tim Weighill began foraging for exotic, quality foods to supply to top restaurants across North America. Although the unique company is based in Seattle, their wild foraged, artisan-inspired, sustainably made delicacies are as diverse as the restaurants they supply, and hail from all over the country too. Lucky for us, Tyler, Gord, and Tim recently expanded to offer their tasty finds to restaurants and hungry consumers alike!

Mikuni’s small-batch Noble vinegars are especially unique, and made with an ancient Orleans process that dates back to the Middle Ages. Tonic #3 is concocted in the same barrel as bourbon maple syrup, and absorbs the remains of that rich bourbon barrel flavor over the course of 6-9 months. Tonic #4 boasts an even longer steep time; Pharaoh’s lemons, heirloom Egyptian citrus, and French Chardonnay Vinegar are combined and distilled in Tuthilltown whiskey barrels for five years!