Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Marnie Karger


Marnie Karger has a long history of craftiness. "I have enjoyed working with my hands since I was just a squirt. My "crafting area" grew from a decorated cardboard box to my own craft room," says Marnie. "Now I have two squirts of my own, a corner of the basement overflowing with crafty supplies, and a patient hubby."

Marnie, who lives in Shorewood, Minnesota, taught high school English for eight years before dedicating herself full time to her intricate paper cut artwork. " My goal is to create items that appeal to a diverse group of people who share one common trait: the appreciation of handmade works," says Marnie. "While I considered different media, paper is my first and true love and I haven't looked back." Those of us at LilaMae, along with Marnie's many other devoted fans, couldn't be happier. Her stunning renderings of land and water depict the beauty and diversity of our small, blue planet in all its glory.