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A BRIKA maker story

Karina Vazquez

"Every piece I create is full of passion. "
"Making handmade goods is important to me because it means sharing my point of view. "

"I put a lot of energy into my creative process in order to deliver a unique product. "

"I have always being a creative soul. "

"I put a lot of energy into my creative process in order to deliver a unique product. "

Receiving her masters at the University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture in her home country, Karina Vazquez began working as an architect during a period of economic uncertainty. With projects scarce and slow going, she began taking swimwear sewing classes as a way to spark her creative side, which she had fostered since she was a teenager. “I needed to reinvent myself and knew I needed to start something of my own,” she said. It was during these classes that Karina first came up with the idea of creating her own fabric when none of the textiles she had on hand spoke to her.

Her aptitude for textile creation caught on (fueled by a previous degree in environmental design), which soon paved the way for marea by Karina, her line of bags and accessories. As a result of needing to find new ventures outside of architecture, "I discovered new possibilities, and that I was capable of starting a new business!” she said.Her career in textile design harkens back to being a little girl, when she loved watching her mom take scraps of fabric to make clothes for her Barbies. Using her knowledge of computer programs that she gained during her education in architecture, she derives inspiration from “a conversation, picture, architectural concept – anything!” and cites the freedom to design what she wants as the best part of owning a business.

I believe... 

In having fun during the process of creating new pieces – during that process, you may come up with another amazing idea. 

I love it when...

Mistakes turn into something awesome.

Words I live by are...

All great achievements require time. - Maya Angelou

What three things make you happiest in the world?

Pinterest, pretty shoes and nail polish.

"I’m inspired by the feeling of accomplishment that I get when I see my finished pieces. It’s an amazing feeling to see an idea turn into reality. "