Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Cayla & John


When graphic designer Cayla Ferari and engineer John Breznicky settled into their first apartment together in New York City, they set out to decorate the new digs with transit-inspired artwork of the big apple. Unfortunately, their search reaped little success; there was no such artwork to be found. Determined nonetheless to make their vision a reality, Cayla designed her own illustration of the New York City subway system and hung it as a wall decal in the living room. Friends and family were smitten with her original artwork and encouraged her and John to take the design one step further.

The duo developed their first black and white offset poster in 2011 and spent the summer selling prints from a card table in the city. Sure enough, their art proved a hit among New Yorkers of all types! Cayla and John quickly realized that what had started out as a hobby had major business potential. Today, they use their modern aesthetic to transform the world's greatest transit systems into linear abstractions, revealing both the elegant beauty and functionality of city travel. Show the love for your favorite city--or capture the memory of a dream vacation--with this beautiful, timeless art!