Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Alyson Beaton

"I believe all kids should have a little house to decorate and love. "
“When I explore new places, I love looking at the houses, windows and doors. If there is a door that is painted a special color it makes me want to make that a house.”

“Little houses all over the world that people live in and love inspire me. ”

“I started my company by designing the very first lille huset for my daughter for her 8th birthday. ”

“Little houses all over the world that people live in and love inspire me. ”

Alyson Beaton is the creator of lille huset and has always found inspiration in the world around her. It wasn’t until architecture school that she found her true love in the field of design. She found herself carefully crafting tiny buildings and imagining a world that could exist. It wasn’t until after college, when she had an opportunity to travel abroad, that she fell in love with cities. She traveled around Europe watching, sketching and experiencing how magical you can feel when your backdrop is centuries old. Since her launch of her loved dollhouses her line has grown and expanded with collaborations and the love of creating products inspired by her passion for design and the love of her little home.

Walk me through your production/design process.

When I first start designing I usually look at the products I have already produced… I use these to help as a starting point. The main design constant for me is making things that engage kids in an hands on creative way. I love to make things that are colorful and that kids want to touch and start playing with. I also love to create things that are made from materials I love. If I start making something, I have to get my hands on the material I want to use and I usually head to a laser cutter to start prototyping. After I prototype, I put all of my things together and start photographing them. After I photograph them a million times looking for the right lighting and scene, I finally put them on my web site. I am currently working on a décor line and with that I was anxious to get them into a scene.

Who or what inspires you to do the work that you do? Why?

My kids inspire all of the work that I do. I create things that would make them happy and think about ways that they learn and how they see the world. I am also very inspired by cities all over the world. I love seeing the beautiful things that people make to put into the world for others to experience. 

“When you make something with your hands, you have an intimate knowledge of the materials you use.”