Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Mike & Claire

" We love creating unique pieces that people can feel good about using. "
“We are beyond stoked to have the opportunity to share our designs with the world and are honored to be included in such a talented and inspiring group of Makers. ”

“We look up to everyday people who have the courage to follow their dreams, make mistakes and get messy!”

“Creating pieces from reclaimed or locally sourced materials makes us happy. What makes us even happier is knowing that these pieces have the ability to tell a story, bring a group of people together, or put a smile on someone’s face. ”

“We look up to everyday people who have the courage to follow their dreams, make mistakes and get messy!”

What originally grew out of a need for organization in Mike and Claire Clarke’s lives quickly grew into Hook & Stem, a business they would grow to love. Citing weekends spent in their workshop as a time for them to bond, reflect and learn, they found a passion in being able to share their designs with people across the world.

When it comes to making their line of wooden boards and serving platters, they credit their lumber rack, which is “full of goodies,” as their source for finding the perfect piece for every order. Once they’ve selected the piece of wood, it then gets jointed, planed, cut to size and meticulously sanded to a silky smooth finish. Clean, modern and functional is the name of the game when it comes to the inspiration behind their design: “We are inspired by the world around us and use reclaimed wood wherever possible, otherwise sourcing materials locally and sustainably.”

We believe...

In making as many people smile in one day as possible.

We love it when…

We see random acts of kindness.

Words we live by are...

Respect the world and those around you. Take nothing for granted, and always remember everyone has a story that you don’t know. 

What three things make you happiest in the world? 

Our dog, good food and exploring the world.

“If we reuse wood that's already been milled, we're reducing the amount of deforestation and protecting our planet. 

We want our customers to feel good about buying our products and reusing materials that were destined for the landfill.”