Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Missy McCullough

"Each one of my designs has been crafted with care and delivered with a wink."
“I watercolor each design and scan for clean up and retouching.”

“My designs are inspired by fashion, flora and fauna, seaside adventures, and iconic style.”

“I like ideas to spark and simmer for a bit before I start painting.”

“My designs are inspired by fashion, flora and fauna, seaside adventures, and iconic style.”

Before Golden Fox Goods, Missy was a full-time fashion illustrator. She worked with some of the industries top clients right up to the very end of her pregnancy with her first child. Thinking that she would pick up where she left off after her daughter was born, she soon found that she would change everything. She wanted to spend as much time as she could with her daughter and husband so she slowed her work pace.

It wasn't until she illustrated a baby shower invitation for one of her best friends that the idea of creating her own stationery line sparked. People loved her designs and she received two invitation commissions as a result. The idea of having a business that she could oversee the product from concept to market was appealing as it was different from her editorial and commercial work. Shortly after she launched Golden Fox Goods, her husband came on as the business director, allowing her to focus on the creative side.

Why is making handmade goods important to you?

I’ve always loved artisanal goods and the artisans’ spirit to create beautiful products. It’s almost like each one of their goods they are releasing into the wild is a piece of them. I feel like knowing where a product is made and who makes it adds a special touch of transparency and increases the customer’s appreciation of a purchase. I watercolor all of the artwork featured on our paper goods. We took significant steps to find printers and paper makers that are passionate about what they do and their craft.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

I wanted to do anything in the creative arena. The position changed many times growing up but the common denominator was always the same, something artistic. Being creative makes me happy and gives me purpose. I feel art can have a very profound affect on someone. It definitely uplifted me in tough or sad times through out my life and if someone received one of our cards and smiled or felt a little better, even for a minute, well that is my goal.

Who do you look up to?

I admire how Deborah Lloyd has evolved Kate Spade into a lifestyle label. Under her helm she has expanded the brand into an empire with such a distinct voice. I would love to pick her business brain.