Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Audra Lawlor


Girl Meets Dirt Founder Audra Lawlor was named after Linda Evans’ bold character, Audra Barkley, on the American TV Western, The Big Valley and she truly lives up to the name! After spending almost 10 years working on Wall Street, she abandoned her convenient city life to head west with her new husband and two dogs. Together they settled in a farmhouse down a one-lane road on Orcas Island, Washington, where Audra crafts her beautiful preserves.

Audra sources all of her fruit from tiny family farms across the surrounding San Juan Islands and although many of the local farmers she partners with do not have the means to become certified as organic, they follow organic practices. In the early 1900s, Orcas Island was a major fruit producer for the West Coast, and Audra celebrates that legacy by using as many heirloom varietals as she can. Most of her fruit is picked from orchards that have been producing for over a century!

Audra refers to her rural lifestyle as “A journey in steps, stems, pear seeds, plum pits, and apple flesh. A journey to the fruit of the matter and back, on one island farmette.” In worn muddy boots and kitchen clogs, she embraces a career tied intimately to the land--and the slower, cyclical pace of life it brings.