Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Tuli Fisher


Tuli Fisher’s artistry and attention to detail is evident in each and every handmade garden tool he crafts in his Bozeman, Montana studio. A big sky country native, Tuli discovered his love for blacksmithing when he was a young college graduate and a neighboring farmer asked him for help repairing tools.

Rehabilitating old tools soon lead to the creation of new ones. “I am fascinated by the durability of steel and its malleability as an artistic material,” says Tuli. “I also love gardening and am inspired by the countless hours gardeners all over the world spend on tending their creations.” Today, Tuli hand-forges his metal hoes, trowels, and rakes with locally-sourced materials and sets them in walnut wood handles. Thanks to his traditional blacksmithing skills, each piece boasts a rustic beauty and heirloom quality.

Like many Montanans, Tuli fiercely values both independence and rural life. "I like working for myself and living in a functional agricultural community,"explains Tuli. "I enjoy the creative responsibility and freedom that comes with being my own boss. I like the American West in general because people here embrace self reliance. I don’t feel crowded by other people and their ideas."

A set of Tuli's ruggedly beautiful garden tools echoes the characteristics of the very special place where they are forged. Owning them will likely fill you with wanderlust for Montana. So when you find yourself in Bozeman, Tuli recommends catching "Live from the Divide", a weekly event hosted by the local public radio station, KGLT. Live from the Divide showcases talented singers and songwriters from across the United States. If you spot Tuli in the audience, make sure you stop to say hello!