Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Ashley Austin

"Never make a big decision on a bad day."
“My mom is super crafty and helped instill my life-long love of all kinds of creative pursuits.”

“Keep going. It's worth the effort. Be confident and true to your unique voice.”

“I love bouncing ideas off my art director husband, preferably over a glass of wine! He always has a fresh perspective.”

“Keep going. It's worth the effort. Be confident and true to your unique voice.”

Ashley studied graphic design in college before moving to New York. She worked as a designer and art director for the better part of a decade, and designed wedding invitations on the side for her friends. When it came time to plan her own wedding, she designed those invites too—and picked up some press. “I decided to take things a little more seriously and began creating a line,” she says.

She admits she had a huge learning curve (think logistics, production, pricing, shipping!), but tackled each challenge while staying true to her creative vision. It paid off! Her cards have been featured in various magazines; most recently it was the Faux Bois Watercolor set, which perfectly encapsulates her love of pattern, color and handmade style.

What’s one Maker tool you can’t live without?

My sketchbook! I keep a light Moleskine in my bag at all times and am always jotting down product ideas or making little sketches.

Where was the last place you visited that inspired you?

I loved visiting Amsterdam! The architecture is so amazing in an old storybook way, and the Dutch seem to have design talent coming out of their ears.

Did you always want to be a Maker?

Pretty much since college when I discovered that graphic design was an actual career path I could choose—before that, I was always taking art classes and creating but never realized it could lead to my own company.

What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago?

Keep going. It’s worth the effort. Be confident and true to your unique voice.

“I love it when I get a thank you note from a happy customer. Totally makes my day!”