Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Shuang Li

"Trusting yourself means living out what you already know to be true. - Cheryl Strayed"
“I believe in slowing down and enjoying the simple things in life.”

“I love it when my customers tell me that my jewelry holds personal meanings for them ”

“The messages that I embed into my pieces are the same reminders that I give myself when I lose sight of what’s important or take things for granted. ”

“I love it when my customers tell me that my jewelry holds personal meanings for them ”

After getting a business degree in college, Shuang Li worked for a few years at a large financial services company, where she shuffled from meeting to meeting with Powerpoint slides wondering whether it was possible to build a more hands-on creative career. Meeting entrepreneurs really inspired her to go after her own passion. Although it wasn't a straight or easy path, she embraced the joy of discovering her creative potential and forging her own path. This attitude of joyous living is at the core of her jewelry brand. Her handmade creations with inspiring messages are pieces you'll want to wear, give and keep forever.

Why is making handmade goods important to you?
It's the human connection. When a piece of jewelry passes from my hands to a customer, it becomes more than just an object, it becomes a gesture of care. From the message it expresses, to the way it's made, I'd like to think that it has a soul of its own.

Tell us about a challenge you've had to overcome and how it affects your work.
How I define and measure success as an artist/entrepreneur. At first, I had a vary narrow-minded approach that hinged solely on numbers. It led to a lot of stress, misplaced focus and a bit of an identity crisis. I've come to realize that before success manifests it self as external recognition, it has to pass an internal litmus test: Did I create something that I'm genuinely proud of? I've learned that answering yes to this question is essential to feeling successful.

I'm a fan of...
That's hard! If I had to choose, I'd say Meera Lee Patel. Her paintings are joyous, colorful and full of soul.

“Reading a good book with a cup of coffee, cuddling with my two cats, and eating hotpot with family & friends makes me the happiest. ”