Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Jean Polsky


Jean Polsky, the owner of the eco-chic children's company Estella, has always been passionate about fashion. As a young girl growing up in NYC, she would spend hours alone in her room trying on clothes, designing new outfits and experimenting with different colors and shapes. After receiving her undergraduate degree at Harvard, Jean pursued her passion and took a job working at Bergdorf Goodman, steadily moving up the ladder and ultimately becoming a buyer. She then returned to Harvard for her MBA and thereafter, to New York, where she jumped back into the fashion world.Decades later, her heart still skips a beat when she sees a fabulous outfit pass her on the street. Living in the vibrant, colorful world of Greenwich Village with her husband and business partner, Chike Chukwolozie, has helped to fuel her creativity. Estella offers baby clothes created by designers who prioritize beauty, comfort, fit and practicality. Her organic cotton children's collection is as chic and elegant as it is soft and sustainable.

Estella recently introduced their first line of 100% organic cotton baby clothes. The idea was to bring to market a collection that parents could feel good about putting on their newborns. Estella's organic line is made of materials that are completely chemical-free, which not only ensures that young wearers are kept away from toxins, but also ensures that the company lessens its carbon footprint and encourages the chemical-free cotton industry. Estella's organic cotton fabric comes from Japan, but is cut, sewn and printed with non-toxic dyes in New York. By increasing the demand for organic cotton products the US market will evolve to fill the new demand for more US-grown organic cotton. For now, Estella's baby clothes are creating baby steps for a greener tomorrow. Good for baby, good for the planet!