Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Heather Stief

"The best way to predict our future is to create it."
“I fabricate everything by hand using raw sterling silver materials. I pierce flat sheets of silver with a jeweler's saw, then file, sand and prepare the elements to be soldered together. Once that process is complete, I polish the piece, set the stone and admire what I've done!”

“I'm living the creative life I always imagined and it's truly a dream come true.”

“ I love it when I can give something discarded a new life.”

“I'm living the creative life I always imagined and it's truly a dream come true.”

Heather Stief creates unique, hand-crafted sterling silver pieces of jewelry with gemstones or bits of vintage fabric and paper – combining vintage goodness with a modern sensibility. Heather loves the idea of giving something discarded a new life, where it can be cherished and appreciated by someone new. And we love the end result!

Heather has always been a maker in some form: "Being a maker helps me live a more purposeful life. I'm mindful of where I spend my money, and I try to focus on buying quality over mass produced quantity. I want to support this movement in every way possible, from being a maker down to buying from my fellow makers as much as possible. Supporting handmade can change lives. It's changed mine!"

What 3 things make you happiest in the world?

Hiking with my four sweet dogs, discovering a new antique shop and a good cup of tea.

Tell us about your ideal Saturday.

If I have a Saturday to myself, you will most likely find me rummaging through a local antique shop or flea market, searching for new treasures to incorporate into my jewelry collection. There's no greater high than finding a spectacular piece of vintage! I can't get enough.

What's your guiltiest pleasure?

Listening to podcasts about medieval British history while I work. I'm sorry to admit that I can name most of the British monarchs before I can name all the American presidents! I'm a total Anglophile.

“When I was young I didn't realize that something as fun as creating art could be a full-time job. I don't think I had a real choice in the matter, it turned out that being an artist is just who I am.”