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Robb & Lydia


Crown Maple Farm, located in Dutchess County, New York, and owned and sustainably managed by Robb and Lydia Turner, is the majestic home of Crown Maple syrup. It is part of Madava Estates, which is named for the Turners' daughters, Maddie and Ava. The family's 800 acres of century-old sugar and red maples thrive in the perfect soil and weather of the Hudson River Valley to produce a superior sap. In their sugarhouse, which is part of the family's maple syrup production facility (the most advanced facility in the country!) the sap collected from their sustainably managed maple groves is processed using the latest green, organic production techniques. The result is a distinct maple syrup with sumptuous flavor and unmatched quality.

Crown Maple syrup is USDA certified organic. Crown Maple Farm is a member of the New York Forest Owners Association (NYFOA), whose mission is to promote sustainable forestry practices and improved stewardship on privately owned woodlands in New York State. The Turners sustain a plan to maintain a farm with a wide array of maple species to ensure a diverse and healthy forest ecosystem. Their long-term goal is to preserve their maple groves for future generations to enjoy. The sweet taste of sustainability! My pancakes could use some more, please.