Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Lizzie Greco

"I believe... that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and are ready to work. "
“I am definitely drawn to bold and graphic patterns, especially geometric designs.”

“I find much satisfaction in creating a product from start to finish with my hands.”

“All my designs are screen printed onto both text weight and cover weight papers.”

“I find much satisfaction in creating a product from start to finish with my hands.”

After working for a digital signage company in Kansas for a few years, Lizzie found that she wanted to do something more hands on rather than sitting at a computer all day everyday. She moved to Chicago and ended up working for a local stationery shop, where she helped with the custom wedding invitations. The shop owner encouraged her to sell anything that she made herself in the shop, as they also sold a lot of locally handmade goods. It was there that she started making frames by covering wood frames with the decorative paper they sold. Many of her coworkers had side businesses selling their own wares and most of them went on to do their businesses full time. It was at this time that Lizzie was inspired to create her own business doing something that she loved, seeing that it was totally possible after watching her friends do it themselves.

After several years of honing her skills while selling her frames online and in craft shows as a part time gig, she decided to transform the business into what she always envisioned it would become, which was a line of completely original goods featuring patterns that she had designed herself. This next step came naturally as it satisfied both the designer and the craftswoman in her. She quit her day job in early 2014 and has been running the business full time ever since.

Walk us through your production/design process. 

The process for designing the patterns begins with gathering inspiration for the color palette and style I would like to incorporate into the line. Most of my design work then happens on the computer. Most final pattern designs will take on many forms and iterations until I am happy with them, but that is the most fun part for me! I then get to choose the colors of the papers and inks and then the designs are screen-printed onto both text weight and cover weight papers. All my products are made by hand in my studio. I will then design and create all the packaging as well, which I enjoy very much. 

What is the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

How happy and grateful I am that I get to go to my studio to make things. 

Who or what inspires you to do the work that you do? Why?

The people who inspire me to do the work I am doing are the people who are following their dreams and creating a business and life that they love. Especially with social media outlets like Instagram, you can follow, learn from and be inspired by makers around the globe. Seeing the beautiful things they are creating and hearing their stories of hardships and success inspires me to keep going.