Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Cathy Pascual

"Making handmade goods is what makes me feel alive and connected to who I am."
“Sculpting sheets of wool felt into art is meditative practice that allows me to express myself while sparking happiness in others as well. ”

“It is a joy to see my customer’s reactions to the art I’ve made with own two hands. ”

“I try to infuse each of my creations with love, care and good vibes.”

“It is a joy to see my customer’s reactions to the art I’ve made with own two hands. ”

Previous to becoming a mom, Cathy Pascual of Catshy was interested in craft more by hobby than trade. Years later and with two little girls in tow, her interests turned to scrapbooking, and so the knowledge seeds were planted: she would one day run her own creative business. When tasked with decorating a friend's local cupcake shop (formerly an IHOP), she got straight to work. “I made paper and felt garlands, tissue paper flowers, accordion paper flowers and felt embroidery hoop art – which would become the main products I sell now,” Cathy said. “At the reception, I officially launched my business to the public and online.”

With no formal design background (“Everything I learned about design is self-taught or through a patchwork of online classes and books,”) she describes her creative process as “doodling with felt.” With all her flowers cut and stitched by hand, Cathy is inspired by her desire to connect with people. “I am excited about reaching a new audience that appreciates handmade goods as much as I do!”

I believe…

That to choose love over fear is a decision we can make every day. This daily decision will lead to happiness and allow us to step into who we truly are!

I love it when…

Life is in the flow and synchronicity just happens. By loving what you are doing and who you are in the present moment, beautiful things begin to occur.

Words I live by are...

Only love is real.

What 3 things make you happiest in the world?

My daughters, Sofia and Zara.


Creating beautiful things that make other people happy.

“When people see a piece of my work, there is usually an immediate reaction of joy or delight or a warm and fuzzy feeling.”