Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Casey Sibley

"Pursue what makes you happy."
“I love it when...I get home after a long day and my dogs are all excited to see me and my husband is doing the dishes.”

“It all starts in my sketchbook. My love of drawing is at the heart of everything I do.”

“If I ever hit a mental block on how to move forward, an actionable task list helps me prioritize and get back on track.”

“It all starts in my sketchbook. My love of drawing is at the heart of everything I do.”

Sometimes, a fresh start is all you need. Casey Sibley moved to Reno with her boyfriend (now husband), and for the first time in years, had time to work on her craft. So she listed a few pieces online, some of them sold, and she was hooked! “I loved being back in touch with that creative part of myself,” she says.

Casey's background is in architecture, which heavily influences the way she works as a designer today. She still picks up freelance architecture projects, but spends the bulk of her time crafting bright fabric buckets made for plants, jewelry, or odds & ends. "I've always been an artist and general "I can-make-that" kind of gal," she says, which was a lifestyle taught and encouraged by her mother and grandmother.

What did you want to be growing up?

An artist, an architect, or a veterinarian—doesn’t every kid want to be a vet? I have a serious adoration for animals! I almost take a dog home every time the SPCA hangs out at PetSmart…

What is your design background?

My background is in architecture, which laid a great foundation for the way I work as a designer in my own business now. And I have always been an artist, Maker and general I-can-make-that kind of gal.

What’s your favorite item in your collection?

I love one of the newest additions to my line: the Market Tote. It’s large, sturdy and practical. I carry one made in my “Speckle” print and it just seems to go with everything.


“Do what feels right, what YOU love to do, and the rest will fall into place.”