Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Jennifer & Rachel


While throwing back a drink in Las Vegas, it's unlikely many give pause to where that bottle they've left empty ends up. An eco-conscious company established in 2013, Blumarble has been busy rescuing used wine, beer, liquor and soda bottles from restaurants, bars and homes and transforming them into beautiful accessories for all. Their handcrafted glass and recycled wood creations also generate jobs, stimulate the local retail economy and help the environment. A reflection of pride in their neighborhood of Las Vegas, Blumarble is comprised of local craftsmen and entrepreneurs, who create strikingly sleek, planet-conscious products and who make Blumarble what it is: beautiful from the inside out.

It all began with a twinkle in the eyes of Jennifer Jordan and Rachel Cohen who saw the potential in discarded glass bottles everywhere. In 2009, they paired up in an effort to upcycle, which turned into an extended affair that resulted in the now worldwide love story that is Blumarble. With a full-service manufacturing facility in central Las Vegas, Blumarble is saving these bottles and helping create a more sustainable earth. At the beginning of their journey, roughly 15,000 bottles are rescued from local restaurants, bars, homes, events, casinos and hotels in Downtown Las Vegas and the Vegas strip. Having been dismissed by others as used-up of all their worth and no longer appreciated, Blumarble gives these tossed treasures new purpose.A glass bottle takes more than 4,000 years to decompose in a landfill – why not sip our favorite beverages out of glasses made from our favorite beverage bottles instead? In addition, Blumarble creates local jobs, stimulating the local retail economy while helping the environment. Blumarble truly represents a dedication to, and pride in, neighborhood and community, local craftsmen and entrepreneurs, and social responsibility.