Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Dennis & Roy Barloga


For more than two decades the father-son team Dennis and Roy Barloga have been making photographs in a shared studio in Northern California. Although each artist has a unique style, they share a similar artistic conviction, family history and desire to help each other succeed. Dennis began working as a photographer in early 1970’s and is best known for his unmatched portfolio of color photographs that depict old world Europe. After owning two galleries (one he co-owned with Roy) and claiming partial retirement, he splits his time between the studio, the golf course, and frequent travels with his wife Mary Beth and dog Chance. Roy started sweeping his father’s photography studio as a youngster and never really left. He founded his own company, Barloga Studios, in the mid 90’s, and specialized in infrared photographs.

Life comes full circle in Dennis and Roy’s most recent collaboration. Together, they use modern printing technology and traditional photographic techniques to make prints on a variety of “unphotographic” substrates. Handmade paper, film, wood, and fabric have all been used in the search for printing mediums that best enhance a given subject. They are very proud of this collection and are honored to be able to share their prints with individuals across the country and the world.