Meet The Face Behind


A BRIKA maker story

Molly & Jamie

"Live simply. Be grateful. Be kind."
“We like to make products with purpose and function that feel fresh, bright, and uplifting.”

“It’s inspiring to see what Makers can create and how far they can go with just an idea.”

“Each one of our lavender sachets is block-printed by hand. ”

“It’s inspiring to see what Makers can create and how far they can go with just an idea.”

Baja Zen was created in the summer of 2015 by Molly & Jamie. To them, it is about embracing a moment of zen in everyday life. Their growing line includes aromatherapy products, scented candles, charm bracelets, and tie-dyed towels. They find inspiration in clean & simple design, beautiful scents, and fresh textiles to make products that lend themselves to mind + body wellness. They are inspired by the pure and natural - the way a room can be transformed into a serene space with a beautifully fragranced candle or the feeling of drying off with a soft, warm towel after an afternoon spent at the beach. Finding love in things that feel like they are an indulgence for the senses but are rooted in natural, simple elements is central to their design. We couldn't agree more.

Why is making handmade goods important to you?

There is something very special about receiving and using a product that is made by hand. You hear the term ‘made with love’, and that is very true --there’s a sense of sincerity and a level of artisanship that comes with handcrafted items.

Walk us through your production/design process.

We like to make things that feel like an indulgence for the senses and we are passionate about quality. We source top-quality materials whether it be soft, quality linens & fabrics, pure fragrance oils, fade-resistant dyes, or premium botanicals. Our towels and linen fabrics are tie-dyed by hand. Our lavender sachets are block-printed one by one. Our candles are hand-poured in small batches while our aromatherapy body wraps and eye pillows are all cut, sewn, and filled in-studio.

Who or what inspires you to do the work that you do?

Seeing other Makers and small brands who have a vision and the drive to make a name for themselves. It’s inspiring to see what other people can create and how far they can go with something that starts out as just an idea. 

“Everything we make is designed by us. We have fun with it & enjoy the process.”