Words of Wisdom: Shana Frase


They inspire us with their stories. They delight us with their gifts. They help us discover a more beautiful life, one piece at a time. BRIKA Makers are artisans, designers and dreamers courageous enough to follow the path of their creative passions. Here are 10 inspiring quotes by our talented Makers to jumpstart your week. - Kena

1. “You can't wait for the right time to do something you love.”- Laura Frisk

2. “Nothing worth doing (or having) ever came easy.” - Rachel Shingleton, Pencil Shavings

3. "There's something intimate and special about a handmade item. It contains the heart and soul of the maker." - Surya Sajnani, Wee Gallery

4. "I believe in hard work and magic." - Shana Frase 

5. “Special should not just be for special occasions — people deserve beauty in their homes and closets everyday.” - Anna Joyce

6. “The ones who truly succeed are the ones who have found what inspires them, not constantly trying to please someone else.” - Melinda Trembly, Rincon Road Designs

7. “I believe in making time for the things you love to do.- Julie Karatzis, Cartoules Press

8. “Live every day like there is no tomorrow.” - Kayo Master, Mi Cielo

9. “I'm a firm believer in growing through experience and exposure — learning by doing.” - Victoria Van der Vaan, Ex Libris

10. “I believe in calculated risk taking.” - Alica Mohr, Ali's Collection

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