Why We Love Sara Broski + Buy This Sparkly Necklace Now


[caption id="attachment_385" align="aligncenter" width="286"] "When I finish a piece of jewelry, I feel a sense of satisfaction and knowing that someone will wear it someday still blows my mind." - Sara Broski of Tiny Galaxies[/caption] Sara Broski's sparkly, delicate jewelry designs came out of a creative experiment gone right.   Armed with some resin, jewelry supplies and glitter, Sara brought her beautiful earrings and bracelets to life (lucky for us!). We can't wait to share with you her gorgeous collection, including an exlusive-for-BRIKA design that I personally will be wearing daily.  For now, here is a SNEAK PEEK:  You can buy this tiny, delicate Silver Sparkle Bend Necklace by Tiny Galaxies right now. Is this your first visit to A Well-Crafted Life, BRIKA's blog?  Sign up here to learn more about us — our official launch is just around the corner! We want to hear from you!  Let's connect on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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