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Pearl is a young woman with many talents. Not only is she the champion communicator who seeks out and builds relationships with the top-notch Makers featured on BRIKA, but she's also a wealth of fun crafting projects. This is the second instalment of her awesome Valentine's Day card ideas

[caption id="attachment_1388" align="aligncenter" width="468"]BRIKA Kids Valentine's Day Cards Kids' Valentine's Day cards are oldies but goodies.[/caption]

One of my most vivid and beloved holidays as a child was Valentine's Day. I would look forward to it every year because it meant cinnamon hearts, cupcakes and adorable cards. I remember making special baskets in art class in anticipation of all the little Valentine cards I would be receiving on the big day.

I adored every card I received on Valentine's Day, from Barbie to Sesame Street, and Mickey Mouse to The Muppets. This year, I'm reminiscing about the old-school way of celebrating Cupid's Day, and will be sending love to all my dearest friends with "vintage" kids Valentines.

(I'll be using the handmade envelopes we made yesterday to make it more personal!) - Pearl 

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