Tips from Our Makers: On Starting a Project


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Just start! Don't over analyze or over-think too much because you'll only create your own mental stops. Grab the first step and do it. Just do it. Don't be worried about "what could happen," focus on what's happening right now.  - Ellen Bennett, Hedley & Bennett

Get your ideas out in a tangible way (it makes room for new ones!). Beginning a project is often the hardest part. Our best advice is to gather your materials and just being creating. You can always edit later, but getting your ideas out makes room for new ideas to rush in. Sketch. Make drafts. Experiment. Mess up. Waste materials. Have fun.  - William & Jessica, Son of a Sailor


Perfect your ideas through trial & error. I'm a person who has a million ideas and sometimes it's hard to take an idea and start making for fear of it not being perfect. So, I would tell others to just start something. You'll figure it out as you go. Sometimes your perfect idea in your head may not result in a perfect product, but you'll find ways to make it perfect through trial and error.  - Bethany Nelson, Milkhaus Designs

Check back next week for tips on enjoying the process.

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