Tips From Our Makers: On Making Time


Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.16.21 PM Make a plan & stay true to your vision. Starting a project requires time and a lot of planning. Don't rush decisions because of a timeline. Take time to think about what you want and never diminish your personal standards of quality. - Aymie Spitzer, Neighborwoods Tip: Create a schedule, building in time for the unexpected.  Make time for what you love. I live by the words, "if there's a will, there's a way." Make time for what you love and inspiration will follow. - Araya Jensen, Wind & Willow Home Tip: Pick a set time each day (or week) to work on your project. Give yourself hours—not minutes—to create! I find that having an extended block of time (6-8 hours) to do nothing by design can product great results. Sometimes the best way to get around creative block is to step away from a design and return to it another day. - Amy Lowry, Field Trip SASSANDPERIL-STUDIO2 copy Walk away from a project, come back, and make revisions. Take time and be patient. Research is key, then give the project time to develop. Walk away, come back to it, make revisions, and don't settle until you are confident in what you've produced. - Shannon Kennedy, Sass & Peril SASSANDPERIL-INK-TOOLS copy   Looking for more tips from our Makers? Read their advice on finding new ideas.

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