The Inspiration behind BRIKA


Before starting BRIKA, I spent a few years running a lovely high-end, eco-friendly retail brand.  I was responsible for everything from soup to nuts - the buying, visual merchandising, operations, PR and marketing.  I loved it all (one of many hints that I was meant to go out on my own!) but my absolute favourite part was meeting with the vendors who sold their products at our shops.  These talented, creative artisans and designers would come into the store and while we sat and looked through their beautiful collections, I peppered them with questions.  How had they learned their craft?  Had they always been creative?  What inspires them to create?  When did they take the plunge and decide to follow their passion full-time?  I was both inspired and enchanted by their answers. Many times, if the store was on the quieter side, our team members would listen and absorb these stories and pass them on to customers in our store, who were then equally enthralled. When Jen and I started planning BRIKA, we felt strongly about bringing this experience online.  At BRIKA we believe that inspiration is the engine for growth, and there is nothing more inspiring than the stories of people who have followed their dreams and determined their own destinies. Artisans and makers - you are the inspiration behind BRIKA.  We would love to hear your stories.  Please connect with me at

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