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There are a lot of people out there who are just like you — they have the creative spark and feel empowered to discover the beauty of creativity in their world and within themselves. For this next post in our "Who, Me? Yes, You!" series, we invited Krista of The Bright Side Project to share her story with us. [caption id="attachment_877" align="aligncenter" width="470"]The Bright Side Project BRIKA Krista of The Bright Side Project[/caption] Hi, everyone! My name is Krista and I am the Managing Editor of The Bright Side Project. The goal/premise of our international website (simply put) is to bring sunshine to every corner we can reach. We believe that life is inherently beautiful and we honor this with themed giveaways, and highlighting products and companies that make us happy while editorially promoting businesses we admire. I am also a stay-at-home mom to two small kids. That last part is important because this particular role was the very reason I found my creative voice again.

The Bright Side Project

Growing up, I always had my hands in some sort of creative outlet. From writing stories, putting on plays, creating latch-work rugs (!), and making homemade beauty products. As an adult, I’ve been an actress, a writer and a crafter. Yet, I never really owned my creativity.

I was generally self-deprecating regarding my artistic expressions, to the point of apologizing for them at times. Somewhere along the line, I lost my sense of authenticity. I lost my sense of me.

Once I had children, I completely stopped being creative. I unintentionally decided that all of the daily tasks associated with having and raising children were far more important than staying creative or allowing myself some time alone to actually create something.

The Bright Side Project

My daughter is now four years old and we spend much of our day together doing crafts, creating things and making art. My daughter will occasionally get frustrated and dismiss her creativity by commenting on how she isn’t a good artist or she doesn’t know how to do something the “right” way.

I'd tell her, repeatedly, that there is no “right” when it comes to her art, that she just needs to be true to herself and whatever comes out is exactly the way it is supposed to be — that sometimes making mistakes is the best possible thing that can happen because it opens us up in ways we never dreamed possible. Her inner voice is uniquely hers and it is perfection. And then a funny thing happened; I started listening to myself.

The Bright Side Project

I realized that the only way I could teach my daughter (as well as my one-year-old son) that her creative spirit was valuable and worthwhile was to honor my own. I realized that I had to model an authentic, creative life if I ever wanted her to feel as though her own mattered.

I realized that my daughter taught me how to be true to myself just by simply being. And I owe it to her to be my best self, and to listen to my inner voice because it is uniquely mine. This has translated into sharing my DIY projects on The Bright Side Project and integrating my creativity in every aspect of my life. For me, becoming a mother changed everything. And I couldn’t be happier.

The Bright Side Project

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