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We have a new lifestyle site on our radar: Clementine Daily. Created by Executive Editor Erin Loechner and her inspired team, Clementine Daily’s mission is to celebrate the everyday – the good and the bad. We’re visiting it for the latest in style, beauty, design and food, as well as tips on wellness, etiquette, advice and inspiration. This week, we’re pleased to share the stories of each team member. Today, meet Clementine Daily Home Editor Anne Sage.


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When she was eight years old, Anne decided she was going to be an author when she grew up, so she composed a 300-page novel about puppies and kittens and dollhouses and sleepovers. Now Anne writes the lifestyle blog The City Sage, as well as contributing to several national publications and websites. (But she still loves puppies and kittens.)

What are four things that inspire you? BRIKA-blog-anne-sage-inspiration

1. "I head to the kitchen when I need time to think. Repetitive activities like chopping veggies or kneading bread are a moving meditation."

2. "Traveling by car allows you to see the world in a particularly intimate way. Plus it gives you the freedom to stop or change direction on a whim!"

3. "If I don't stay active I go stir crazy! Nothing beats the rush of accomplishment when you push yourself through a tough workout."

4. "Wherever I go, I scout out the local coffee spot. You can learn so much about a place and its inhabitants by people watching over a latte."

Who are some of your favorite BRIKA Makers?


Is Was + Will Be (left): "I first ran across Is Was + Will Be a year ago, and I've been a fan ever since. The way they play with shapes and materials makes for subtle yet memorable jewelry."

Maker Made (right): "Not only are these spare, refined accent pieces simply gorgeous, I love that founder Steph is defying the 'woodshop is for guys' stereotype."

What BRIKA products are on your wishlist?


1. Baby Jives Gold Star Cloud Mobile: "Technically this piece is for kids, but that wouldn't stop me from hanging it in my own bedroom!"

2. Mamazoo Black Mamba Necklace: "Such a stunner. Dress it up or dress it down—gotta love a twofer!"

3. Milkhaus Design Blue + White Dyed Clutch: "The combination of sleek leather and earthy dye work makes this bag so sophisticated." (Win this clutch here!)

4. Honey & Bloom Gold Frames Print: "I wear big, nerdy glasses. All my favorite people wear big, nerdy glasses. Need I say more?"

Check back tomorrow to see what inspires Clementine Daily's Executive Editor! If you haven’t yet signed up for BRIKA, hop to it and discover well-crafted goods from inspiring and passionate Makers at brika.com. Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these as well!
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