Tastemaker: Amanda Carter Gomes


We have a new lifestyle site on our radar: Clementine Daily. Created by Executive Editor Erin Loechner and her inspired team, Clementine Daily’s mission is to celebrate the everyday – the good and the bad. We’re visiting it for the latest in style, beauty, design and food, as well as tips on wellness, etiquette, advice and inspiration. This week, we’re pleased to share the stories of each team member. Today, meet Clementine Daily Associate Editor Amanda Carter Gomes.


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Clementine Daily Associate Editor Amanda Carter Gomes is a creative marketing consulting who promotes small independent retailers, artists and designers. She spent much of her early career working in marketing and event management for clients in the private and non-profit sectors before settling down with Getty Images as a full-time Photo Shoot Producer. In 2013, she established Merit Creative Consulting to bring her marketing and creative services under one roof.

What are four things that inspire you?


1. "Seattle: We took a temporary leave and recently started planning our return. I am looking forward to getting back to the Pacific Northwest and a city I love."

2. "Creative entrepreneurs: I started my business so I could work with creative entrepreneurs and promote their efforts. And now I get to work with an incredible, creative team of women through Clementine Daily."

3. "I love traveling and, when feeling drained, a road trip never fails to get the creative juices flowing."

4. "Life with a 3 year old is anything but stale! He keeps me on my toes and his imagination inspires me every day."

Who are some of your favorite BRIKA Makers?


Maker Made (left): "How can I deny the sweetness of a father/daughter duo designing and building together? This Todaro family has a rich creative history. I would love to be a guest at their dinner table."

MAMAZOO (right): "I am typically a jewelry minimalist, but Maria Ana Moura’s gorgeous designs make me want to wear brightly colored bracelets and necklaces stacked to my elbows and chin."

What are some of your favorite BRIKA products?


1. Intersection Coaster Set: "Stylish and displayable coasters are hard to come by, but this set by The Coastal adds another layer to the coffee table décor." (Enter for the chance to win these coasters here!)

2. Henry the Fox: "My son is currently into foxes (of the Fabulous variety); I think he would welcome gladly welcome Henry into his animal kingdom."

3. Hostess Gift Box: "I am going to host out-of-town guests asap in hopes of getting this hostess gift box as a “thank you.”"

If you haven’t yet signed up for BRIKA, hop to it and discover well-crafted goods from inspiring and passionate Makers at brika.com. Did you like this story? You’ll probably like these as well!
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