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Parenting pointers: Does your child feel lovable?

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  Our #BRIKAmonthlymantra for February is Oscar Wilde’s “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance,” and we asked our resident parenting and family expert Liz Berholz to give her two cents on the subject. Founder of Liz B. Parenting, a parenting consulting practice, Liz Berholz is an educator, speaker and Adler Institute-trained Life and Professional Coach. Liz works with parents of toddlers, tweens and teens by giving families the tools they need to create homes and lives filled with mutual respect, cooperation, connection, responsibility and fun. *** We all want our kids to have high self-esteem. It’s the foundation...

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Have a Well-Crafted Week: February 14, 2016

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Valentine’s Day From the impulse to fight or flight to the function of our wisdom teeth, many of humankind’s intricacies are grounded in evolution—but why do we love? This TED talk discusses several prominent theories. The New Yorker’s Valentine’s Day Poems for Married People deliver a heavy dose of tongue-in-cheek humor that is sure to incite laughter for those who can relate. Cool finds You’ll never guess the innovative venue Nike chose for a popup shop in celebration of Toronto’s NBA All Star Weekend (hint: it moves). This DIY on how to grow blooming hyacinths in your own living room...

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BRIKA DIY: Marbled crayon hearts

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With Valentine’s Day and Easter a little over a month apart, we’re surprised Cadbury hasn’t already jumped on the bandwagon and deemed February and March world chocolate months. If you already feel like you and your kids are drowning in the sweet stuff from gifting and receiving Hershey’s kisses and candy galore, try this simple and easy DIY. You can send them to grandma in the mail as a homemade memento, bring them to school as a fun giveaway, or even keep them stacked in a bowl around the house as a colorful home décor addition. What you need: Crayons,...

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Shareable valentines for your iPhone and inbox

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We kicked off February with our #BRIKAmonthlymantra “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance,” a valuable philosophy by Oscar Wilde that applies to all months of the year. In addition to loving yourself, and no matter what your views on Valentine’s Day are, it never hurts to give a little love to those close to you, which is why we’ve created these shareable Valentines. We’ve specially designed them to be used as wallpaper for your iPhone, or simply to drop into the inbox or social media page of your favorite people as a visual reminder of how...

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