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How to make the most of the end of your summer

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Whether you're of the persuasion that summer is the best time of year or that each of the four seasons has its virtues, there's no denying that the end of the season is in our midst, and fall is just around the corner. Rather than lament this fact (and we're just as guilty of that as the next person!), why not carpe the heck out of that diem and squeeze out every last, sun-soaked minute? We challenge you to tick off at least one of the below nine ways to have a well-crafted summer, courtesy of our summer e-book (which if...

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Gifting and receiving: Shiho Masuda, Japanese gift wrap guru

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When we first came across Shiho Masuda's YouTube tutorials on Japanese gift wrapping techniques – from how to wrap a t-shirt without a box to how to wrap a gift in under a minute – our inner OCD selves immediately took a liking to the geometric angles and razor-sharp pleats from Shiho's techniques that would elevate the act of gift wrapping to a product akin to a work of art. Since for most of us, wrapping is often an afterthought in the act of gifting, we chatted to Shiho as part of our newly-launched Gifting and Receiving series about how growing up in Japan and the...

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BRIKA's summer e-book is here!

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Despite what any back-to-school ads may have you believe, summer is still very much in full swing – and until jean cut-offs are no longer the seasonally appropriate go-to choice for weekend wear, we'll be soaking up every last drop. To celebrate our favorite season, we rounded up a collection of the most compelling tips, tricks and tidbits to help you make the most of what remains of our favorite time of year. What you'll find inside: Q+As with Makers and tastemakers 5 science-backed secrets to get happier today 9 ways to have a well-crafted summer Our go-to watermelon mojito recipe A Pinterest-worthy pony hair tutorial Some...

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Have a Well-Crafted Week: July 24, 2016

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World leaders imagined as hipsters. If color-spo is a thing, surely this is it – then use this guide when you take the plunge. Educate yourself with the intersectional woman’s reading list. How to eat key lime pie, in the most summer-appropriate way possible. This Nike campaign demonstrates that body positivity comes in all forms. A terrarium so pretty you won’t want to eat it (yes, eat!). 11 cult condiments you can buy on Amazon. A captivating read on Belinda Johnson, the Sheryl Sandberg of Airbnb. Say goodbye to mosquitos in the most chic DIY way possible. A voyeuristic peek into celeb...

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Behind the Goods: JUST B SMILING's pressed flower phone cases

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It's hard not to immediately fall in love with JUST B SMILING's phone cases, and the audible chorus of ooh's and aah's when anyone lays eyes on them is certainly a testament to this fact. Beautiful and functional, each flower in Britt Stillie's line of phone accessories is plucked from her own backyard (even the case tags are made of seeds, ready to be planted!), making each colorful piece truly one-of-a-kind and a perfect gift for any occasion. As part of our Behind the Goods series, BRIKA chatted with Britt about starting her own business and the creative process that goes into putting...

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