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Parenting pointers: Tips for juggling two nap schedules

health parenting pointers

How to sync your kids' napping schedules so the whole family can get more shuteye.

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One family's year without sugar

cool finds food health parenting pointers Q+A

One family explains the how's and why's of going a year without sugar.

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BRIKA eats: 10 herb-fresh recipes

BRIKA eats health

Our friends at Bite Me More rounded up 10 herb-fresh recipes!

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BRIKA eats: Peanut butter banana bread smoothie

banana breakfast BRIKA eats food health peanut butter recipe smoothie

Milk and cookies. Wine and cheese. Peanut butter and banana. All of these flavor combinations are virtually universal in their appeal, and for good reason too. The latter being one of our favorites (whoever first decided it was a good idea to pair a nut butter with a humble breakfast fruit, we salute you!), we decided to recreate it in smoothie form and elevate it with a dessert-like twist. The cinnamon and granola save the day in that respect, the granola giving this smoothie an added thickness in that you could practically chew your way through it. Plus, fiber, omega...

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Q+A with Andrea Morris, founder of B Yoga

health meet BRIKA

A bright Edison bulb materialized over Andrea Morris’s head when she began working with a type of rubber, originally formulated for carpet pads, at her family’s fifth-generation manufacturing and technology company in Toronto. After realizing that it was the type of material that had a grip-like quality and durability that would be perfect for a yoga mat, coupled with a passion for the past time, the B MAT and B Yoga was born. We chatted with Andrea about what incited her to pursue a career as an entrepreneur, her passion for yoga and the inspiration behind what she does for a...

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