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best of the web design Have a Well-Crafted Week olympics roundup

A breakdown of why “McMansions” are visibly offensive. Medal-worthy manicures. A case for why we should quit multitasking. Like catching a speeding bullet in action. The very surprising broadcast that 20% of Norway’s population tuned in to watch. World record-breaking female athlete: 1, sexist journalism: 0. Inside the world’s chicest cult. Quiz time, Olympic edition.   Main image courtesy of Adam Pretty/Getty Images. 

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Gifting and receiving: Melissa Milakovic of Love Like Red

design Gifting and receiving Makers Q+A

At BRIKA, nothing thrills us more than customers coming to us with gifting needs because as far as solutions go, we’ve got a whole lot of ‘em. As we put it in our post 39 tips to master the art of gift giving, our curated assortment of well-crafted goods is a great resource for gifting for all occasions. As such, it’s only fitting that we delve a bit deeper into gift giving with our new series Gifting and Receiving, because it truly is an art unto itself. First in our series is Love Like Red’s Melissa Milakovic, whose handcrafted line...

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Have a Well-Crafted Week: July 24, 2016

best of the web design food Have a Well-Crafted Week inspiration roundup

World leaders imagined as hipsters. If color-spo is a thing, surely this is it – then use this guide when you take the plunge. Educate yourself with the intersectional woman’s reading list. How to eat key lime pie, in the most summer-appropriate way possible. This Nike campaign demonstrates that body positivity comes in all forms. A terrarium so pretty you won’t want to eat it (yes, eat!). 11 cult condiments you can buy on Amazon. A captivating read on Belinda Johnson, the Sheryl Sandberg of Airbnb. Say goodbye to mosquitos in the most chic DIY way possible. A voyeuristic peek into celeb...

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Behind the Goods: BRIKA’s Creativity Crawl Map

art Behind the Goods creativity design Toronto

BRIKA first met Toronto-based artist LeeAndra Cianci earlier this year when we came across her pop culture-infused illustrations depicting everything from Beyoncé and basketball stars to pizza and pugs. Embedded in her drawings is a decidedly heady dose of Canadiana: be it Ryan Gosling quotes, Raptors wins or Drake lyrics, there’s an undeniable Canuck quality to many of her doodles, making her a perfect candidate to illustrate BRIKA’s Toronto Creativity Crawl map. Devised of the need for a centralized resource in which to reference the city’s workshops, cultural hubs, beautiful shops and cafes for independent creatives, the Crawl is both...

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Have a Well-Crafted Week: July 3, 2016

art best of the web cool finds creativity design Have a Well-Crafted Week inspiration roundup

London bound and planning on shopping? Brush up on the best of the city’s retail scene. Elevate your 4th of July celebration tomorrow with these yummy beet and black pepper star crackers. A fascinating look at a craft fair finding its roots in the most unlikely of places. Eight illustrators draw Bill Cunningham in memory of the iconic New York City photographer, who turned street style into a fashion tour de force. Customize your favorite denim piece in a cinch. Kids, candy and Netflix under the open sky. Sign us up. For when you don’t want to break the bank...

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