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5 science-backed secrets to happiness, from a global happiness expert

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We spoke to Neil Pasricha whose mission to get people happy.

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Meet BRIKA: Sasha Arfin, Creative Designer

creativity meet BRIKA Q+A

As the BRIKA team grows, so too does our effort to ensure you get to know the faces behind the brand. Meet Sasha, BRIKA’s Creative Designer. Sasha is our in-house trailblazer for anything and everything creative-related at BRIKA: from designing email layouts, to dreaming up signage ideas, to shooting and editing photos, Sasha’s job is to ensure the BRIKA brand stays as beautiful as the goods we sell. What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an artist. I used to draw these elaborate scenes of people in cities and towns. I was also...

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Q+A with Start Where You Are author and artist Meera Lee Patel

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Meera Lee Patel is the author and artist of the BRIKA bestselling book Start Where You Are, an interactive journal designed to help readers better understand their desires and feelings in order to pursue their passions and fulfill their dreams. Guided by the principles of her book and hosted by BRIKA, Meera will be running a two-hour workshop in Toronto on March 20th. As her book is the top selling item at BRIKA’s retail locations, we’re thrilled she will be joining us as the first of our Makers for the inaugural launch of BRIKA’s workshop series. Click here for tickets...

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BRIKA DIY: Button thumbtacks

art bulletin boards crafting creativity DIY E6000 glue thumbtacks

If you’re looking to spruce up the humble bulletin board that adorns your work or at-home office space and turn it into a work of art others will be pin-ing after (apologies in advance for that one!) we’ve got you covered. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 ranking extremely difficult, we would give this DIY a solid 1 (yes, it’s that easy). It also requires only three materials—so get crafting! What you need: Thumbtacks Buttons E6000 glue Directions Set your buttons facedown on a flat surface. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the flat part of...

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Meet Beyonce, pizza and pop culture illustrator LeeAndra Cianci

art creativity Q+A Toronto

Photos by Kayla Chobotiuk  Graphic designer and illustrator LeeAndra Cianci is a boss in every sense of the word—her talent and style are immediately recognizable when it comes to drawing bold and eye-popping illustrations (we dare you to spend less than a minute perusing her pop culture-infused drawings). After finishing fine arts and design degrees on Canada’s east coast, she moved back to Toronto, where she worked as a designer for The Grid TO and Canadian Business Magazine. It was during her time at these positions that she grew her love for editorial design and illustration before very recently becoming a...

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