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50 Things to Do Other Than Watch TV

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BRIKA curates high-quality, beautiful pieces handmade by artisans and designers around North America. Shop the best in modern craft in our one-stop shop here. Since the launch of BRIKA, my TV-watching time has been reduced to almost nothing. But prior to that, I sometimes found myself mindlessly turning on the TV when I had a little time to myself.  One day, I made a quick list of 50 things I could do other than watch TV.  That way, when I did choose to watch say, Breaking Bad, it would feel like a choice rather than just something to fill up time. Here...

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How to create a beautiful spring bouquet

creativity DIY

Floral arrangement-making 101! A step-by-step guide with pictures.

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Q+A with one-to-watch photographer Arden Wray

creativity entrepreneurial Q+A

BRIKA caught up the burgeoning artist to chat wonderful women, the dreamy American south and her aesthetic eye.

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8 Instagram accounts that will add more beauty to your life right now

art cool finds creativity design

We've rounded up our recent favorites in the realm of pretty Instagram feeds.

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BRIKA'S best: 6 apps to unlock your creativity

cool finds creativity life hacks

7 apps that will ignite inspiration, focus and creativity.

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