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The art of playing with food: Q+A with Ida Frosk

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Most people enjoy food and art, but what happens when you combine the two? Just ask Norway-based Ida Frosk, who has succeeded in making all of our culinary creation dreams come true with her book Eat Your Art Out. Part practical guide and part visual feast, Eat Your Art Out serves up a serious dose of inspiration while promoting healthy eating. From Little Red Riding Hood vignettes to recreating famous works of art, Ida’s book is chock-full of creative ideas that will whet the appetite of adults and kids alike. On a recent trip to Norway, BRIKA Co-Founder Jen Lee...

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Behind the Goods: Foe and Dear's arc hook earrings

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Katherine Huie of Foe and Dear’s arc hook earrings first caught our eye as gorgeous, expertly crafted pieces of jewelry that are a unique spin on the always-classic hoop earring. Naturally, BRIKA had to reach out to Katherine, who is based in Vancouver, to get the inside scoop on how she makes each earring by hand. As one of many in our community of talented Makers, she shared her creative process secrets with us as part of our Behind the Goods series. Where do you find the inspiration for your design?  Art, architecture, plants and nature, mostly. Anything simple and beautiful. Walk...

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BRIKA DIY: Create your own gallery wall

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Spice up any room with this creative and inexpensive personalized gallery wall DIY.

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Beat your creative block with this simple trick


By Alison Stevenson from Flo and Frank - Your Netflix for content  Sometimes, I am so creatively blocked up that I yearn for there to be a mental colonic that could release everything clogged up in my mind in one big, messy, go. Until the day that gets made, however, I’ll settle for this simple solution from New York Magazine‘s The Science of Us series: power through. Yes, it does sound too good to be true but research out of Northwestern University has shown that those who are feeling completely stumped in finding a creative solution to a problem really just need to keep...

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Behind the Goods: DK Designs' stunning clay flowers

Behind the Goods BRIKA Makers BRIKA's best clay flowers crafting creativity DK Designs process Q+A

You won't believe they aren't real.

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