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BRIKA DIY: Create your own gallery wall

art BRIKA DIY cool finds crafting creative creativity design DIY easy how to create a gallery wall inexpensive prints style wall art

Spice up any room with this creative and inexpensive personalized gallery wall DIY.

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Behind the Goods: DK Designs' stunning clay flowers

Behind the Goods BRIKA Makers BRIKA's best clay flowers crafting creativity DK Designs process Q+A

You won't believe they aren't real.

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BRIKA DIY: Button thumbtacks

art bulletin boards crafting creativity DIY E6000 glue thumbtacks

If you’re looking to spruce up the humble bulletin board that adorns your work or at-home office space and turn it into a work of art others will be pin-ing after (apologies in advance for that one!) we’ve got you covered. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 ranking extremely difficult, we would give this DIY a solid 1 (yes, it’s that easy). It also requires only three materials—so get crafting! What you need: Thumbtacks Buttons E6000 glue Directions Set your buttons facedown on a flat surface. Squeeze a small amount of glue onto the flat part of...

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Handpicked: 5 DIY kits to feel like a Martha Stewart maestro in no time

art crafting creativity DIY handpicked little ones

If you’re not of the same skill standing as a Martha Stewart-level DIY maven but still have the desire to create beautiful and impressive works of art on your own, these DIY kits make it easy, and you’ll soon be fancying yourself among those who get asked “You made that?!” on the regular. (Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.) 1. Year of Holidays Carve a Stamp Kit Put a stamp on it! This kit includes templates, making it dead simple to carve your own stamps and create wow-worthy greeting cards, stationary, invitations, or anything you want to put your mark—er,...

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BRIKA DIY: Marbled crayon hearts

crafting creativity DIY love parenting pointers

With Valentine’s Day and Easter a little over a month apart, we’re surprised Cadbury hasn’t already jumped on the bandwagon and deemed February and March world chocolate months. If you already feel like you and your kids are drowning in the sweet stuff from gifting and receiving Hershey’s kisses and candy galore, try this simple and easy DIY. You can send them to grandma in the mail as a homemade memento, bring them to school as a fun giveaway, or even keep them stacked in a bowl around the house as a colorful home décor addition. What you need: Crayons,...

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