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Hi! Thanks for stopping by – if this is your first time, welcome! A Well-Crafted Life is BRIKA’s blog, where you’ll find original content on everything from inspiration and cool finds to tutorials and travel guides. From the practical to the aspirational, our subject matter reflects the belief that life is as beautiful as you wish to make it. On the aspirational front, we’ve interviewed some amazing individuals who have provided insight into how they got to where they are now, from former national CBS anchors and global happiness experts to New York Times bestselling authors and entrepreneurs on the...

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The seamless functionality of the BRIKA environment

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News from BRIKA HQ.

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What’s new at BRIKA?

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Exciting changes ahead!

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BRIKA-Behind-the-Scenes: How We Chose the Name BRIKA


Choosing a name for your business is hard. I imagine it is like choosing a name for a baby.  You want the name you choose to give your "baby" a head start in life. You want a name that will suit them now but will also grow with them as they grow. And, you want a name that will be easy to remember and pronounce.  Finally, it just has to FEEL right. Jen and I went through several names before arriving at BRIKA (bree-ka). We hit up against all the usual walls when choosing a name for an online business....

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