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The stars have aligned! Susan Miller, celebrity astrologist at Astrology Zone, has curated a gift guide of BRIKA goods based on zodiac sign. Just find her sign below (whether it's your closest friend, co-worker or cousin) and discover the perfect gift. Plus, receive 20% OFF* Susan Miller's entire shop with code ZODIAC20.


ARIES: March 21-April 20 Gift: The Winston Necklace If there is one thing that Aries does well, it’s to make a statement when she chooses. Nothing about Aries is wishy-washy or tentative and that’s the reason Aries make such superb, confident leaders. This ability to be brave and self-assured extends to her fashion sense too. She’s not a me-too girl; the reason this necklace is so perfect for her. The sparkling jewels on George + Laurel's necklace will bring flattering light and brightness to her face, the part of the body Aries rules. Choose grey or mint—either of these would be right for her now.

TAURUS: April 21 - May 21 Gift: Reverie Scarf This elegant floral circle scarf would be the dream of a Taurus woman. Born in late April or May, the time of the year that is the quintessential expression of spring, the tender blossoms depicted on this scarf might have been plucked fresh from a country garden. Taurus rules the neck, and the Taurus woman usually has a beautiful one—she will enjoy wearing her circular scarf by Ash & Anchor, bringing a soft femininity to her look.

GEMINI: May 22 - June 21 Gift: Golden Swan Journal Gemini women usually have beautiful hands and a masterful command of the English language. Gemini has an uncanny ability to choose just the right word and precise fact at the moment she needs it on the fly, the reason others need to think twice before trying to trump her in a debate. She reads a lot, and she writes a lot. A journal to write down her ideas, goals, things to do, people to see, and and daily appointments is the very best gift for a Gemini woman. She will love it, especially one so beautifully handcrafted like this one by Native Bear, made with beauty and care that she’ll note and appreciate.

CANCER: June 22 - July 22 Gift: Flake Mini Bowls Cancer loves home and family above all. Nothing makes the Cancer woman happier than to set a table for a crowd of family and friends, often spontaneously. No one said she had to slave at a hot stove to cook from scratch—she might do that, or might not. She knows there’s nothing wrong with ordering up from any of the right places that she can list with ease. What matters is the love she provides along with the food she serves, and for that reason, a meal shared with a Cancer is so memorable. A dash of salt and pepper never hurt a dish, and probably in all cases helps quite a bit, so delight your Cancer woman with these flake mini bowls.

LEO: July 23 -August 21 Gift: Black Scarabs Scarf The sun rules the sign of Leo, so it is hard to imagine a more fitting gift for your Leo woman than a scarf that depicts the scarabs. She is also very sophisticated, another reason this gift would appeal to her, for its design is very chic. Imagine this scarf tucked into her winter coat, jacket or trench, day or evening—it’s the one she wants.

VIRGO: August 22 - September 23 Gift: Gold Foil Snake Stationery Set Virgo is wise in the ways of social graces, and never fails to send a handwritten note after someone has done something kind. A sign, like Gemini (both are ruled by Mercury), the Virgo woman loves to use her hands, and loves the feel of the pen as it glides over the smooth paper. Virgos are choosy about the stationery they use—it has to be of quality and special in every way. Elegant, smooth, pure white, with gold foil, she’ll want to admire this gold foil snake stationery before she ever puts pen to paper.

LIBRA: September 24 - October 23 Gift: Silver Deco Earrings Venus rules the sign of Libra, bestowing elegant taste and a love of all things that embellish. Libra, an air sign, is considered the arbiter of taste, so when you want to know the best new restaurant, the most happening club, the newest runway look—go to a Libra. She will be delighted to tell you, for air signs are communicators. These art deco earrings are tiny and add the right note to any put-together woman’s wardrobe. Other girls may pick round studs, but the Libra woman quizzically asks, why? Like everything else, Libra chooses carefully and deliberately, always using exquisite taste.

SCORPIO: October 24 - November 22 Gift: Badges Infinity Scarf Scorpio, a water sign, is born at the time of the year when nature is about to settle down for a rest. They rule all that happens unseen under the ground, including the root vegetables that grow unseen. This sign is therefore associated with all things that need investigation—to trace the roots of a situation, so to speak. They are master detectives, and often expose all that needs to be seen and discussed by society. Scorpio is never flashy, always subtle, and prizes functionality. This scarf, in Scorpio’s emblem color burgundy-plum, would be perfect to wear under her trench coat (straight out of The X-Files, a modern-day Fox Mulder and Dana Scully), for any season.

SAGITTARIUS: November 23 - December 22 Gift: Tassel Necklace Tassel Necklaces are having a moment, and this one seems the most striking. The Sagittarian woman likes a dramatic look—nothing dainty or fussy—to wear with equally dramatic, classically handsome clothes. Tassels have a deep, rich history. Tassels first showed up in Egypt and Mesopotamia, regions where astrology was born and flourished, for children wore tassel on their hoods or caps to protect them from bad spirits and to ward off demons. In the Victorian period, large tassels were used quite extensively in home décor. In England, tassels became associated with those educated at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and may be the reason we all wear tassels on our graduation caps. Sagittarius, the most international of all signs, and the one most associated with advanced degrees and university education, would enjoy having this necklace with such a rich and varied history through many cultures.

CAPRICORN: December 23 - January 20 Gift: Vintage Balloon iPhone Case Capricorn loves anything vintage. Find her on Saturdays looking through chic vintage dress shops, or deliberating about which piece of heirloom jewelry she will buy from a fine estate retailer. Capricorn rules all things historic, so she’d appreciate this beautiful iPhone case that depicts hot air balloons floating in air in bygone days. Capricorn is the sign of the wise leader, another reason she needs a pretty protective case—her iPhone rarely leaves her well manicured hands. Give her this one of a kind gift, and she’ll think of you often, whenever she makes a call.

AQUARIUS: January 21 - February 19 Gift: Shield Studs Tell an Aquarian that she needs to do something a certain way, because “traditionally we’ve always done things this way,” and she’ll do just the opposite. She’s not necessarily contrary (although she enjoys being that way too) but the Aquarian woman never stops experimenting. To follow the tried and true is not “her” for she knows that something new can be born the next minute. She is an innovator and iconoclast, so you’ll never know quite what she’ll say or do next, the reason everyone finds her so loveable. When it comes to fashion, she’s never a fashion victim, but rather starts the trends you see first on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan or Paris. These bold, chic earrings fit the bill for the confident Aquarian woman who celebrates being an individual.

PISCES: February 20- March 20 Gift: Exclusive Dream Bar Necklace The Pisces woman is deeply imaginative, artistic and sensitive, and finds beauty in places others often miss. She understands that dreams spark new creative ideas, whether those dreams occur at night, or as daydreams during the day. The twelfth house of the horoscope, which is considered Pisces' natural house, rules dreams, the subconscious mind, intuition, as well as symbols that stem from the right brain. The emphasis on the right brain is why the arts—painting, poetry, music, ballet and other expressions of dance, imaginative literature and film, and the other such disciplines—are associated with Pisces. Give her this necklace that says “dream” for it will speak to her and acknowledge her enormous capacity to create.

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