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The stars have aligned: Susan Miller, celebrity astrologist at Astrology Zone, has curated a gift guide of BRIKA goods based on zodiac sign! Just find his sign below (whether it's your boyfriend, boss or brother) and discover the perfect gift. Plus, receive 20% OFF* Susan Miller's entire shop with code ZODIAC20 until Sunday night!


ARIES: March 21-April 20 Gift: Walnut Victor Shaving Kit Aries make masterful military leaders, leaders in homeland security, prosecutors and law enforcement officials, business entrepreneurs, surgeons, sports writers, firemen, TV producers, and fiercely competitive athletes—and these are only a handful of examples. Few can enthuse the troops as well as an Aries, whether that is in the battlefield, the office, or any other place of work. Aries have stamina, so they can keep going long after others have become flattened, like little turtles who, in exhaustion, have fallen on their backs, with their little legs in the air. Mars rules sharp instruments—including the blade a man uses to shave his beard—and Aries also rules the face. As you see, a gift of this magnificent shaving kit would be ideal for your Aries man. After he tries out your gift, you get to cover his stubble-free face with dozens of soft kisses.

TAURUS: April 21 – May 21 Gift: Dark-Chocolate Lover Pretzels It’s no secret that Taurus loves chocolate. This sign, ruled by Venus, is highly sensuous, and the one thing Taurus cannot resist is the decadent dark variety. When you have a fine meal with Taurus, your Taurus dinner-mate will try to detect and guess all the spices the chef selected to make his dish. Taurus is fun to be with because of their acute sensitivities—they teach you to be more observant but also how to enjoy life to the fullest. These Dark Chocolate Lover Pretzels will have the perfect proportion of sweet verses salty, and will be a delight to Taurus.

GEMINI: May 22 – June 21 Gift: Work Like a Captain, Play Like a Pirate Gemini is the masterful wordsmith of the zodiac. So clear is a Gemini’s communication, that in ancient Mesopotamia, it was said that the King always chose a Gemini to inscribe the laws of the land onto the King’s clay tablets, as to notify the populace of how to behave by law. When Gemini wrote the laws, people followed them, simply because they could understand them. When other signs tried to do the same, there was confusion among the citizens of the land. One wonders if certain government agencies today should work exclusively with Gemini writers too. Not only does your modern-day Gemini have a sharp mind for words but also has a very droll sense of humor. Your modern day Captain Jack Sparrow (from Pirates of the Caribbean) will love your gift and his only quandary will be to decide which room to hang this devilishly adorable quote.

CANCER: June 22 – July 22 Gift: Wooden Bear If a prize had to go to the zodiac’s most doting father, it has to be Cancer. Cancer men have on-point intuition about choosing a loving mate to create an authentic family experience for the children that are to come. Seeing his children’s pure delight at holiday time ranks very high with this nurturing, warm family man. Cancer is always looking for ways to bring a smile to children, and to that end, this particular gift of Bear and Moose takes the blue ribbon prize. This animal can be used as decorative pieces on a bookshelf, but Cancer says, why stop there? How much better to use this handsome piece as part of a holiday table setting, invoking nature, forest, and all things wintry!

LEO: July 23 -August 21 GIFT: Whiskey Stones Leo is ruled by the Sun, the star that is known to be a giver of all life and strength, including all things that are artistically innovative and creative. This sign’s association with the Sun, which holds a place at the very center of our solar system, is the reason that this sign is considered one to prize all things unique. This sign creates highly talented, artistic individuals, from great actors, screenwriters, musicians and composers, as well as designers in all fields. The Leo man looks great in jeans, but he is a knockout in a tux. That’s lucky for him, because he dons formal wear so often, partaking of many cultural and charitable activities on a regular basis. If you are looking for a gift for the Leo man who seems to have everything, look no further.

VIRGO: August 22 – September 23 Gift: "Books Are Weapons" Print Virgos truly love words, and will spend quite a bit of time reading the thick Sunday newspaper, never missing the articles on etymology, language lexicon, and also reflecting on the new words that are soon to be added to the basic dictionary. Words are Virgo’s hobby, so your Virgo man would think there’s nothing better than a rousing debate about the meaning of certain words, points of grammar, and whether the Chicago Manual of Style is a better choice than the New York Times Manual of Style and Usage--or vice versa. It would be hard to imagine a better gift for your Virgo than this elegant black and white print on 100% cotton, acid-free, and bearing the words, “Books are Weapons.”

LIBRA: September 24 – October 23 Gift: White Walnut Serving Board Libra is very stylish and a whiz at entertaining friends. When you get an invitation from a Libra, be sure to RSVP with a quick “Yes! I am coming!” The gathering is sure to be fun and memorable, populated with many hip, well-dressed and interesting people. Libras love to make introductions and are the best matchmakers of the zodiac, so bring along a stack of personal cards with your phone number and email, too! This beautiful handcrafted walnut wood serving board is something every Libra man needs. He is sophisticated when it comes to choosing wines and cheeses, and will artfully put grapes and other touches of fruit around the board. To Libra, entertaining is not just an evening of friends, but a way of treating them to all things special. He will want to weave a memory—help him along with this thoughtful gift.

SCORPIO: October 24 – November 22 Gift: Black Leather Soy Candle Known to be the sexiest sign of the zodiac, Scorpio continues to live up to this title day after day. You may be surprised to know that leather comes under the domain of Scorpio, which is why members of this sign so often invest in buttery smooth, fine leather briefcases, jackets, belts and magnificent leather shoes. If the Scorpio man you are gifting happens to be your sweetheart or mate, he will use this lovely manly candle in the bedroom to provide just the right mood—benefitting too. Look no further; this soy candle is the gift for him.

SAGITTARIUS: November 23 – December 22 Gift: The Mason Shaker If ever there were a classic adventurer, a modern-day Indiana Jones, straight out of “Invaders of the Lost Ark”, it’s the Sagittarius man. He is quite a globetrotter, and that makes him very sophisticated. Inside, he can be quite tender too. When he can finally settle down from all his journeys to far flung places (if only back to home base for a month or two), he would favor having a vacation cottage in the woods to unwind, complete with fireplace where he can set a roaring fire. Being that he has probably travelled a lot, he will not be easily impressed. That’s why this Mason Shaker would be so perfect for your Sagittarius man. Inspired by the classic American Mason jar, the Mason Shaker is a four-piece cocktail shaker. He may have first seen a Mason jar at his grandmother’s house, or when he was little and watched his mother preserve the garden’s bounty by canning. Anything related to a Mason Jar would evoke bygone eras, which is why this gift is at once emotional, sophisticated and one of a kind—perfect for your Sagittarius man.

CAPRICORN: December 23 – January 20 Gift: Yankee Yo-Yo Capricorn loves to collect things of artistic beauty from the past, for this sign is ruled by Saturn, the planet that advises us that in our rush to embrace all that is new we must not overlook the value of things from the past. This Yankee Yo-Yo would be an unexpected pleasure. It might not surprise you when he decides to display his new yo-yo to a side table, especially if he works in a creative field such as an advertising copywriter, art director, or as a literary agent or editor, as only two of a zillion possible occupations. Creative types are creative in all that they do, including the objects they find interesting and beautiful to look at.

AQUARIUS: January 21 – February 19 Gift: Echo No. 1 Walnut Flash Drive Aquarius rules all things newly invented and that still need to be invented in the future. Uranus, Aquarius, rules sudden flashes of insight, the reason Aquarius often go into fields of science and electronics. For most Aquarius, their job is to imagine the future, and then create it. Flash drives have become an indispensable staple in modern life, to easily deliver files to a business associate or friend, or to transfer files to another computer for any number of reasons, including backup. Often flash drives are dreary silver metal, but not these, with their coral, gold or sea foam handles. The Aquarius man in your life will be impressed you chose something so utilitarian and yet well designed for him.

PISCES: February 20- March 20 Gift: Vintage Camera iPhone 5 Case The Pisces man loves film and photography, and he loves his iPhone—give this most creative sign of the zodiac a double dip of pleasure but combining his two loves. Pisces is associated with non-verbal and symbolic communication, the reason you find so many Pisces in the arts, working in photography, film, poetry, dance, music, painting, design and the rest of the graphic arts. If anyone can produce arresting photography with a simple iPhone, the smart money is on Pisces. This clever little case will protect his investment in his iPhone, AND show how much you admire his creative talents.

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