Six Ways to Celebrate Spring


[caption id="attachment_4287" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Bring spring inside with tulips! Bring spring inside with tulips![/caption]

Thank goodness spring is finally here. Even if the weather is still cold, wet, snowy, and/or windy where you are, have no doubt that spring is just around the corner for you too.  Spring is an underrated, often under-appreciated season. It doesn't enjoy the fashion hype of fall, and it can't compete with the long, lazy days of summer. But let's give it full props this year. Spring is when the earth comes alive, and so do we. Let's get back outside, shed the layers, move a little faster and a little lighter. Let's truly celebrate the arrival of this glorious season:

1. Let the outdoors in. Crack a window on your morning commute. Open the windows in your home when the sun is at its strongest. Shake out your rugs. Buy fresh flowers to bring inside.

2. Begin the wardrobe transition. Maybe its not yet time to pack away ALL your sweaters, but you can start with the heavier items that will make way for lighter ones.  Read the latest issues of your favorite blogs and magazines and start making your spring shopping list.

3. Refresh your jewelry box. Winter has its own beauty, but it is definitely the season where we often get stuck in a rut. Dig yourself out by pulling out some of the pieces that have been hiding at the bottom of your jewelry box and wear them in fresh ways. Or have fun with something new.

4. Wear a bright lipstick.  Send a strong signal with a strong color. Spring is here!

5. Look at your home with an eye towards summer. Welcome the sunshine with open arms by editing out dark colors and heavy fabrics and textures. Have fun with color through throw pillows, art, inspired objects or newly painted walls.

6. Stop and observe the miracles of spring all around you. Snow melting into a street grate, crocuses and tulips pushing through the barely thawed ground, birds chirping early in the morning, the sound of icicles dripping from your rooftop, the smell of warm rain. Let's be grateful for it all.

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