Our Q&A with Xenia Taler


XeniaTaler_BRIKA Xenia Taler and Steven Kablinky work together to create beautiful coasters and tiles that are truly modern heirlooms.  Xenia designs the images while Steven crafts the tiles in their Toronto studio. Each tile is handcrafted and all glazes are mixed from scratch.  Their designs are a BRIKA bestseller online and in our shop! We sent one of our favorite photogs, Kayla Chobotiuk out to interview Xenia in her Toronto studio.

Where do you find your inspiration? Art and  culture in general, it can be quite random.  I like to look in places that are neglected or overlooked sometimes that means thrift shops - to see what feels fresh again, or looks suddenly current. It's an exercise in  finding the true value or beauty of something that hasn't been filtered through a trend or packaged. If the thing still exudes some interest, then I feel as if I've found something genuine and that's the thing I want to try and express. And I like Pinterest too!

Tell me about your workspace. What do you love about it? My workspace is far from ideal or pretty. But it's functional and I can get my work done in it for now. There's a lot of changes I'd like to make. XeniaTaler_BRIKA_Making How do you stay creative? Time off. I'm usually bursting with ideas and energy after a vacation - even if it's just a weekend away.

Do you have any advice for budding creative entrepreneurs? Trust yourself. It's the hardest thing to do. It's hard at the beginning when you don't have any experience, and it's hard later, when you have too much. It's important to become aware of that little instinctive voice and understand how to use it.

What does a well-crafted life mean to you? A balanced life, part friends and family, part satisfying work, and a little time to yourself.


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